Why Small Living, Large Life?

We each manifest a certain amount of energy. The expenditure of this energy determines our life. All choices demand energy. Energy is life! So what does this have to do with Small Living and a Large Life?

Let’s say most of us are involved in three processes that require our energy: building, maintaining, and re-creating. In building, we use our energy to create the lifestyle that gives us comfort and security. In maintaining, we work to keep the lifestyle that we built from slipping away. In re-creating, we decide to significantly shift into a new lifestyle.

Our mission at Ground 2 Table is to inspire conscious consumption. So where’s the connection between conscious consumption, small living and energy? Stay with me. The individual’s decision to see their impact and interaction with everything they come in contact with is the start of conscious consumption. From this beginning, an extremely important ripple effect is generated. Whether it’s eating healthily, living simply or striving to resonate harmony, all these acts inspire conscious consumption.

The natural progression from conscious consumption to small living is truly artful. By eating healthier, tastier portions more in line with our need versus want we consume less -CONSCIOUSLY!  The omnipresent fire in the belly synonymous with a robust life quiets down.

Do you know what happens then? We re-create our life into a large life surging with energy to appreciate nature, friendships, family – so large will this life be that what was once a ripple becomes a wave because the energy that is manifested is more naturally expended.

So, to recap: Eat consciously, look at the impact you are making; try living/consuming smaller, and your reward will be MORE energy for a larger life.

We are going to have a lot to talk about. Most of what you will read here will be stories. Stories that rend the heart, expand the mind, and challenge the spirit. Once the flavor of this page is cooked up (I couldn’t resist) you all will be invited to partake. We all will benefit from each others ripples and together in tandem may we create a tsunami of transformation that is perfect for this time.

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