Imagine Less Stress

Why do we stress out? Do we actually choose stress over peace? These are complicated questions that don’t have simple answers. However, it is simple to move away from stress and embrace comfort by smaller living with a larger life. First what is smaller living? It sure sounds like something most people don’t want or do. So why should you or I want to live smaller? The answer is right in front of us – the less unnecessary necessities we create, the less stress we create in fulfilling the desire for things we don’t need. At Ground 2 Table we are focused on inspiring conscious consumption. Therefore, the purview of our discussion will be on food.

It’s a fact that food is consumed as fuel for excellent bodily functions and psycho-emotional well being. No different than our cars, if we put the best fuel in, we get the highest performance. We also know how many miles per gallon we should expect and this does not vary. So we have seen as time has gone on that we eat not for efficient bodily functionality, but for taste. After a certain period of time, the mind fools the body into believing that what tastes good is good for our health. However, as we all know, this is not true – so the body craves the “octane” it’s not getting in the tasty food and over consumes.
Why do we stress out? Can it simply be because the correct balance of nutrients is not being consciously consumed? We will explore this is more depth as time goes on.

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