Feeling Fantastic

By Jay Fishman

April 18, 2016

If you had the choice to feel absolutely fantastic all the time, would you? If you knew that your favorite food was your least healthy food, would you give it up?

The truth of the matter is that until you get to feeling absolutely fantastic all the time you just won’t know! I know it sounds like the chicken and the egg – there’s that great adage that floats around all corners of endeavor: “No pain, no gain.” You know what? It doesn’t have to be painful. We at Ground 2 Table don’t want to be associated with suffering or deprivation. We want to be synonymous with feeling absolutely fantastic, all the time. That’s why we have a plan that allows conscious consumption to permeate every aspect of your life.

Now, you’re going to want to know what the plan is. We are going to lay it out to you in parts:

  • Recognizing the Need for Change
  • Formulating a Beautiful Change
  • Changing

Over the next couple of weeks we will have great fun discussing these three steps and we will refine them as we go along.


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